With the newest, most powerful Pro Tools available, Pro Tools 11 HDX, the best signal chain, including Vintech mic preamps, top-notch microphones, and popular plug-ins helps us achieve the best possible sound quality for your project.

Pro Tools 11 HDX Digital Audio

Pro Tools Digital Audio Recording System

Pro Tools is the industry standard in Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). The element that separates Pro Tools from processor-based DAWs, such as Cubase, Sonar, Nuendo, and Logic are the core processing cards that provide Pro Tools with the power to eliminate the latency found in processor-based platforms. The main feature that separates Pro Tools HD from others are the high-quality A/D Converters, which makes Pro Tools HD the best sounding in the industry. Pro Tools also can employ the extensive plugin power in high track counts demanded by contemporary recording and movie industry artists. The advantage of recording with Pro Tools is the flexibility and standardization of this recording platform. A Pro Tools file recorded at RedRoom Recorders can easily be taken to and used by any professional level recording studio in the world.

RedRoom Recorders uses two Pro Tools 11 HDX systems.

Universal Audio UAD Plugins

Audio Plugins

Plugins are the software equivalent of the rack processing units found in many recording studios. Plugins are commonly used to provide compression, equalization, special effects, vocal tuning, and many other enhancements to the tonal palette. RedRoom Recorders has invested a significant amount of time and effort into selecting and acquiring the most sought after plugins. Our selection of plugins is geared to providing you with the broadest set of tonal colors for your mix.

RedRoom’s plugins include:

  • Autotune
  • Melodyne
  • Core plugin solutions from Universal Audios Powered PCI card with over 50 of UADs top plugins
  • Oxford Dynamics TDM PT7 (Sony Pro Audio)
  • Oxford Inflator TDM PT7 (Sony Pro Audio)
  • Oxford R3 EQ + GML TDM PT7 (Sony Pro Audio)
  • Oxford R3 EQ TDM PT7 (Sony Pro Audio)
  • Waves 5.0 (Waves, Inc.)
  • Waves IRx (Waves, Inc.)
Vintech Audio Mic Pre Amps

Mic Preamps

Mic Preamps are the front end to digital audio recording. A quality mic preamp provides the heart of a recorded instruments tone and is the precursor to high quality digital recording. The Vintech series used by RedRoom Recorders are exact replicas of the legendary 1970s Neve 1073 series sound.

RedRoom’s Mic Pres include:

  • Vintech X73 (4 channels)
  • Vintech X73i (2 channels)
  • Vintech 273 (2 channels)
  • Vintech 473 (8 channels)
  • Focusrite Platinum Series (16 channels)
  • Presonus M80 (8 channels)
  • Aphex 109 (4 channels)


Through years of experience, we have acquired an impressive array of hand picked quality microphones, chosen for their sonic characteristics and versatile applications. Our microphone selection is designed to match the perfect microphone with your unique instrument or voice.

RedRoom Recorders uses microphones from the following manufacturers:

  • Neumann
  • Mojave Audio
  • Bruel and Kjaer (B and K)
  • AKG
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • Audio-Technica
Avid Digidesign 192s

A/D Converters

The A/D converter is responsible for taking source audio (analog) and converting it into the digital format. The Digidesign 192 is simply one of the best sounding A/D converters on the market. While lesser A/D converters purport to possess the same sample rates, Digidesign HDX 16×16, Digidesign Omni, and Digidesign 192 are on a level of their own.

Marshall Amp

Guitar Amps

With our collection of quality boutique and vintage guitar amps, we can bring your guitar tracks to life!

Tired of your guitars thin sounding and non punchy? We use some of the best sounding guitar amplifiers available. Our collection of extremely high quality boutique and vintage guitar amps, such as Fender, Marshall, Dr Z, and others.

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