Payments for studio services

Payment in full is due upon the completion of each session. We accept cash, money order and major credit cards and Paypal. Please note, if you wish to pay with Paypal, you must notify us prior to the beginning of your session.

Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. RedRoom reserves the right to refuse to release completed work, should payment not be received.


Recording Studio Session Scheduling

We book sessions by appointment only. A 2-hour minimum is required.


Studio Session Deposit Fee

A deposit equal to 20% of the session fee (minimum of $50) is required to book a session.

Studio Session Cancellation & Rescheduling

You must provide notice of intent to cancel a session no less than 48 hours (two days) before the date of the session. If you do not provide adequate notice, you forfeit the session deposit. As a professional courtesy, please be on time for your session and notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel.


Client Materials & Digital Media

RedRoom Recorders holds client materials (recordings) for 30 days only. RedRoom is not responsible for materials left over 30 days. RedRoom Recorders, Inc. assumes no liability for client materials, digital media or storage of digital media, including but not limited to CDs, DVDs and hard drives. All digital media is to be provided and maintained by the client. We STRONGLY recommend each client backs up all digital media.

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