• Category: Drum Tracks / Full Album / Mixing / Recording /
  • Client: Robert Wegmann

What do dancing bee robot girls, radios, televisions, clocks, and dreams have in common? Robert Wegmann’s new release Keeper of the Bees.

After an absence from making music Wegmann returns with a powerful follow-up to his 1997 solo release Red Hair in full force.

Featuring electric guitars, Chapman stick, angelic vocal harmonies, and jagged rhythms, Keeper of the Bees displays a hint of the XTC and Beatles influences that have pervaded Robert’s work since his debut in the early 80’s.

Keeper of the Bees features 14 tracks and the disc packaging includes a comic book!

  • Angry Bees
  • No One
  • Pheasant Under Glass
  • Nuevo A Go-Go
  • Marconi
  • Cathode Ray
  • Albert Takes a Trip
  • Dame Fortune
  • Time Flies
  • A Point of Departure
  • Robot Girl
  • Sleep Without Dreams
  • Four Hours By Car
  • The Hive Collapses

Robert is a Tampa native and long time friend and client. Keeper of the Bees was recorded and mixed at RedRoom and features our own Mark Prator on drums. Robert is not only a talented musician, but also an accomplished illustrator and painter. His current artistic project is a collection of paintings featuring interpretations of iconic, pop-culture rock, jazz and film legends. In fact, Robert is responsible for the amazing painting of Johnny Cash on display in our studio lobby!

Keeper of the Bees is available on iTunes or direct from Robert’s website at www.robertwegmann.com (Also be sure to checkout the gallery of Robert’s artwork!)