Recording, mixing, and mastering for any size project. Whether you need a full album CD from finish to start, a mixtape, vocal demo, or just a little help with your home recording project, RedRoom can help make your next project sound amazing! Our studio offers a variety of audio recording services, customizable to the specific needs of each client and project. RedRoom Recorders provides:



We record all types of audio projects: full albums, CDs, band demos, vocal demos, voice overs, full bands (acoustic or electric), and nearly any other audio recording project. Our studio can provide unlimited configurations to suit the needs of your recording project.

Our recording studio was purpose-built to capture the best drum sounds, electric guitar sounds, vocal textures, or any live instrument. Our facility also includes an isolation booth for vocal and acoustic instrument recording.

Additionally, our recording engineers have years of experience gleamed from real life working sessions and can customize the microphone placement and room set up, using genre-specific production techniques to get the best sound your project requires.

We’ve regularly work with all styles of music — rock, indie, metal, rap, hip hop, blues, jazz, gospel and progressive.



We can put the finishing touches on your next project. Whether you need to enhance your vocals or any aspect of instrument performance, we have a solution.

Pro Tools 11 HDX provides editing capabilities that ensure we are able to capture and bring to life your best performance. No takes are lost and we can assemble the best takes of your session just as a major artist with a massive budget would do. Our recording engineers are extremely proficient in the Pro Tools environment and are touted to be some of the fastest, most efficient in the business.

We can enhance your vocals and all aspects of instrument performance with our editing skills and powerful Pro Tools 11 HDX technology.


Drum Editing, Quantization & Sound Replacement

To compete in today’s aggressive music market, your band’s drum performance must be precise. The drum performance provides the foundation for any style of music – whether it is super heavy or tight pop.

RedRoom Recorders provides expert drum editing, quantization, and sound replacement to make your music sound solid and tight.

Our drum editing service captures the best performances of your drummer, tightens up the performance, solidifying the foundation of the song and highlighting the feel of the particular player. Our recording engineer and drum editor, Mark Prator, is a drummer himself with world-class playing credits such as Sebastian Bach, Fish, Iced Earth, and Mike Tramp, among others. A fine example of his drum editing and bass editing skills can be found on the platinum-selling Submersed album, “In Due Time.”



RedRoom’s experienced mixing engineers can help you achieve a world-class sound!

With our selection of plugins and the powerful Pro Tools 11 HDX mixing environment, we can make sure every nuance of your music is brought out in the mix. The automation capabilities ensure that we can highlight the tiniest cymbal splash or captured breath of a vocal performance, or even make an acoustic instrument retain its fullness all the way to mastering.

We can correct drum performances, and, by using the methods used by the hottest producers, we can combine stellar sounding samples and loops with the best EQ and compression to make your mixes sound huge.

With extensive mixing credits on scores of albums in many different genres, you can rest assured that your project will have that world-class sound.



When you need your project mastered and sequenced for CD duplication, internet distribution, or radio play, call RedRoom!

Mastering is the process of finalizing the album of individually mixed songs for production. When your song or album is mastered, the mixes are ready for CD replication, radio play, and digital distribution.

Our recording engineers have years of mastering experience and will master your recording project to provide the most professional sound quality. During the mastering process we:

  • Finalize the sequence of all tracks
  • Optimize compression, limiting, equalization, and volume levels for each track

When your recording project is ready for the finishing touches, have it mastered at RedRoom Recorders.


Music Production

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